• What is MivaZik? African Music Promotion

    MivaZik is the African Music promotion & Marketing solution for African musicians. It is a music promotion & marketing service that presents African musicians with several tools to promote & market their music and especially to live from their music. Music is a business
  • Social Marketing of your music

    MivaZik socially promotes your music to thousands of Africans on MivaSocial, the largest African social network . MivaZik showcases your banners, your photos, your music, your concerts and videos on the African network and also on other social networks. Pay only whenever someone clicks your ad.
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  • Email Marketing for your music

    MivaZik uses the social power of MivaSocial to share your music and your promotions by e-mail to its subscribers. This kind of promotion is very profitable as it helps you target directly thousands of Africans by e-mail. Start today for the cost of $20 per 1000 emails.
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  • Radio Promotion of your Music

    MivaZik helps you promote your music and your new singles on the first African social radio RTS. Whether you add your songs to the daily rotation on the Radio or that you are promoted as the featured artist of the week on radio, the RTS propels your musical career. Get your music discovered today starting from $100/submission
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  • Sell your music

    MivaZik through a Zikshop or a Zikshop Plus helps you to have your own e-commerce store to sell your music online. You can sell downloads of your songs, your CDs & DVDs, videos, T-shirts and other promotional products. It's simple you keep 90% of your sales. The creation of a Zikshop starts from $5/Month
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  • Promote your videos

    MivaZik lets you through exclusive African music video service to display your videos to the largest African audience. Put your videos and clips feature for $100/ mois
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